Website packages

We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your unique business needs. Below is some of our most common packages we provide.

Web Brochure

Get up and running quickly with a basic website that gives your customers the information they need to get started with your business. Website theme is custom designed to reflect your products or services.

Web Brochure
Custom Website Design
1-5 Content Pages

Standard CMS

Manage your website content yourself with this Standard Content Management System package. We setup, configure and customize you prefered open-source CMS (Wordpress etc.) with a theme template that best suits your needs.

Standard Content Management System
Open-source CMS Setup & Configuration
Customization Of Desired Theme Template
1-10 Content Pages

Custom CMS

A custom designed website that reflects your brand with a powerful Toxicedge CMS to help you manage it. Work with us to develop new, unique web applications fuel your website and connect with customers like never before. Warranty and technical support included.

Custom Content Management System
Customized Toxicedge CMS
Fully Custom Website Theme
Fully Custom Web Applications
Warranty & Support